Ratinger Befestigungsteile GmbH supplies standard parts as well as customised ones. Due to the variety of our procurement sources, we are not bound to any one industry. Our many years of experience have made us flexible. We are able to solve even difficult, unusual tasks in design, material or coating.

Product range:

  • Pin screws according to standard and drawing from M 5-M 170
  • Hexagon screws, hexagon socket screws, recessed-head screws, fitting screws according to the standard and drawing up to M 140
  • Screw bolts, capped nuts and expansion sleeves according to DIN 2510 from M 10-M 140
  • Hexagon nuts, crown nuts, cap nuts, pipe nuts according to standard and drawing from M 3-M 200
  • Conical pins and cylinder pins according to standard and drawing, spindles according to drawing
  • Fitted springs, conical pans, ball discs, etc. according to standard and drawing
  • Eye bolts, anchor bolts and anchor plates, hammer-head screws according to standard and drawing up to M 200
  • Threaded bolts according to DIN 976 and threaded rods, among others also of ASTM materials, from M 5-M 120
  • Shear bolts according to drawing, closure bolts according to standard, ground screws and bolts
  • Rotating parts assembly installation – smaller and medium lot sizes, production on CNC-lathes and CNC processing centres (processing by grinding, honing, embossing-polishing, interlocking, heat treatment, surface treatment)

Our products are also available in inch sizes and with acceptances according to EN 10204/2.1-2.2-3.1-3.2 (TÜV), according to German Loyds-Register etc.

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